XFire products are providing fire safety to your high speed craft vessel, combining very light weight fire protection with surfaces suitable for all days without fire. Simple as that.

XFire is focusing on providing fire safety for composite vessels, i.e vessels made of fibre reinforced plastic. All available systems are tested according to IMO regulations (FTP Code). Most common products are also Wheelmarked (MED B & D certified)

XFire is an efficient and reliable development partner, helping customers to meet both technical and commercial goals. XFire’s products do not cover all aspects of passive fire protection. However, as a fully owned subsidiary of FiReCo AS we have access to R&D capacities there, and together we can offer solutions for most applications. Trough participation in large international R&D projects we have tested hundreds of potential solutions and materials, which provides an extensive knowledge base.

What do we use to protect the composite structure? Composite panels, of course! These are based on a light weight and highly insulating core. We call it FIRECORE. Thickness is dependent on requirements – from 10 mm for a so called “Fire Restricting Material”, that is ensuring very low levels of heat release, smoke and toxicity. We call it FIRELINER. For fire resisting divisions, that need to remain load carrying after typical 30 or 60 min test, the FIRECORE will be thicker and multi layered. We call it FIREBARRIER.

Fireliner product overview

The FIRELINER product range is developed for fire protection of composite structures. The FIRELINER products are all based on a special lightweight insulating composite core, FIRECORE, that protects the structural composites from direct exposure to fire, and hence the fire reaction properties are improved significantly. Several FIRELINER products are tested and meets the IMO HSC-code criteria.

The FIRELINER protection system is currently designed for direct mounting onto the FRP structure, without air gap. The system includes panels and suitable steel profiles, that can be delivered in painted aluzink or galvanized steel, or stainless steel with various surface finish.

Eight systems have today DNV type approval as “Fire Restricting Materials” (ref. IMO res. MSC40(64) ). The systems are briefly described below.

A thin decorative liner with thin laminate and a foil surface.

A decorative lightweight (2.6 kg/m2) liner with thin laminate surface and a double layer decorative surface with high scratch resistance.

Panels with foam layer (25-100 mm) for areas where fire protection and sound absorption and/or thermal insulation are desirable. The foam can be coated with a variety of foils and fabrics.

Panels with a thin glass fabric (white or black) as surface. Ideal for application in ceilings and above false ceilings, and in other areas of minimum wear and tear and cleaning.

Panels with a color coated glass fabric as surface. Easy to clean. Ideal in areas where nice surface finish and minimum weight is required.

A decorative liner with 0.8 – 1.2 mm laminate and a large range of possible surface finishes. Ideal for applications with high level of wear and tear, and when the interior designer wants to play with colors.

A liner with 0.5 –1.0 mm marine grade aluminum facing, painted or non-painted. Painted version is suitable in areas where good finish is required. The unpainted version is suitable for technical room etc, and can be supplied with embossed surface.

Panels with surface of painted or unpainted galvanized steel, or unpainted stainless steel in a wide range of surface qualities. Ideal for areas like galleys, workshops etc. Steel thickness available down to 0.15 mm.


FIRECORE is the basis for most of the XFIRE products. This is a glass fibre reinforced core in densities from 100 to 250 kg/m3.  FIRECORE cannot be regarded as a structural core such as PVC or balsa cores, with a shear strength of approx 1.0 MPA at 200 kg/m3 density. However, even in low-density ranges, the core has good compression and bending strength and provides and excellent backing for various surface finishes, from cloth facings to metallic surfaces.  In addition, and most important: It has very good fire reaction and fire insulation properties – on a weight and thickness basis, it is much more efficient than e.g. mineral wool based insulation.  This is due to an endothermic reaction when heated.

FIRECORE do not have a separate product approval, as it is an ingoing product in our fire tested and qualified FIRELINER or FIREBARRIER solutions.  However, FIRECORE’s fire reaction properties  is extensively tested by independent fire test laboratories – reports available on request.


FIREBARRIER is our trade name for products that forms a fire resisting division (FRD), load carrying or not, in combination with a structural material (composite, steel or aluminium).  The FIREBARRIER is a FIRECORE of suitable thickness, or a multi layered systems, with an integrated surface suitable for the application area (galleys, engine rooms, weapon magazines etc.  Our FIREBARRIER solutions are tested in full scale in accordance to IMO FTP code.

So far, FIREBARRIER has been developed and qualified for structures with PMI core and PVC core, for load carrying 30 min fire resisting deck and bulkhead.  The systems are not type approved or MED-B/D approved.  However, both commercial and naval customers have applied the solutions based on case-by-case authority approvals.  Test reports available on request.