Renewable Energy (green energy)

Renewable or green energy is defined as the energy obtained from natural resources renewing themselves in a human timescale. Generated electrical power produced from wind, tides, and waves are examples where FiReCo has contributed during the years.

Norwegian companies have been heavily involved in the production and development of new methods for renewable power production of various types. Electrical power from windmills is the category most commonly applied around the world. FiReCo has done structural designs and analysis of Nacelles in sandwich material and single skin for large windmills. However, the nature given weakness of unstable production, and the necessary vast areas to be available, as well as the society demand of more electrical power, make development of new amendatory technologies desirable. Power from waves and current is examples of this technology, and FiReCo has contributed through its knowledge of composite materials, marine constructions, and structural design. Several of these development projects are confidential and cannot be presented in to more details.


FiReCo wish to thank the following companies for the kind permission to use their pictures: Bokn Plast, Scanwind and Fred Olsen