Other services

Rules and guidelines

When introducing composites into new markets, or making composite versions of existing structures made in other materials, relevant guidelines and design rules are often missing. Through our experience and knowledge in FRP composite materials, FiReCo has been involved in several projects developing design Rules and Guidelines for FRP composite structures. E.g. DNV High Speed & Light Crafts, DNV OS C501 Composite components, DNV ST E406, and EN 16245 Part 1-4, Fibre-reinforced plastic composites – Declaration of raw material characteristics.


We can offer tailor-made courses, where the subject is basic composite material theory and how to apply the materials in larger structures. The main goal is to give the participants an intuitive understanding of the pros and cons with these materials, without having to study a lot of material science and advanced mathematics. The courses can be followed by skilled MSc and BSc engineers, as well as technical personnel from production.

Project management

FiReCo can offer experienced project management. Some of our employees have experiences from large and complex project, especially in naval ship design and commissioning, and can serve as both project managers and discipline leaders.

Technical experts in litigation or insurance lawsuits

FiReCo personnel have been appointed technical experts in several lawsuits where knowledge in composite material and design of composite structures have been required. Our independency and technical expertise in the field has been highly appreciated.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Load level and structural response can sometimes be difficult to determine in advance, and can only be determined through full-scale or scaled model testing. This type of testing can be done in a day or two, or in other cases, one need data recorded over many years to find the correct answers.
FiReCo has long experience in planning, setting up, performing, and do post analyses on both steel and composite structures, where the main purpose is to investigate load level and structural response. We have performed full-scale sea trial tests with instrumented ships and vessels, e.g. KNM Skjold (Fast patrol boat), KNM Otra (MCMV), a 40m high-speed catamaran ferry from Br Aa, and a large steel seismic ship from PGS. Furthermore, we have made laboratory tests of a composite-to-composite bolted joint in order to investigate the loss in pretension over a period of 12 years, and performed design load predictions based on a scaled model testing of a T-craft vessel in a towing tank.

With our construction understanding and knowhow in material technology, we can provide more knowledge and applicable output results to our clients, instead of simply presenting pure data recordings from the sensor systems.