Material testing & characterization

Testing and characterization of composite materials is a field of expertise which is absolutely necessary to be able to perform, understand, develop, and produce optimized composite constructions/structures. FiReCo has close collaboration with the mechanical test facilities/laboratories at SINTEF, FFI, and KIWA in Norway, but has also a history of relations with several institutes around Europe as e.g. KTH (Sweden), VTT (Finland), DTU (Denmark) and DNV GL (Norway/Germany).

Through mechanical testing the absolutely necessary material parameters (strength and stiffness in the main directions of the laminates) are determined. The testing is performed after European (ISO) or American (ASTM) standards and consists of several different types of tests. After the testing is performed, it is a long and complex mathematical and theoretical path from these results to the layer -material data necessary to be able to perform complex analysis, and through them, optimizes any composite construction (geometric and material design working together).

The mechanical testing not only provides necessary data, but also a quality assurance of the reinforcements, resins and production method applied by the yard or workshop.

Testing of structural parts as joints (T- and L-joints, overlap- joints, but –joints, etc.) also tells if the produced items behave as desired and has the necessary strength.

All producers of composite structures should and must qualify their choices of materials (fibre and resin types) and production methods to assure that the minimum material parameters are achieved.

FiReCo is the natural first choice for managing and running test programs, develop material parameters for calculations, and perform the necessary advanced design calculations. These services in close co-operation with designers/producers, make sure that the final product is optimal in every way.