Fire Safety

Fire safety is a very important topic when it comes to composite structures. Like most construction materials fire degrades the material properties and ruin the structure if not dealt with properly. Fire resistant composites have been one of FiReCo’s focus areas since the very beginning in 1991. FiReCo has been working with numerous systems in order to improve the so called “passive fire safety” of composite structures and has succeeded. FiReCo’s solutions and fire safety analysis are acknowledged by many major customers.

In FiReCo’s fire lab one can process most of the material systems relevant for large structures, and FiReCo started early with the investigation into composite panels for fire protection, where phenolic resin is a major component. This has lead to, not only an extensive knowledge on materials and their influence on fire safety, but also to the full scale qualification and certification the customers’ products and/or systems. A FiReCo owned production company called Xfire develops and produces these special panels.

Furthermore, the fire laboratory fills the gap between FiReCo’s engineering activities and the practicalities around production (process, mounting etc), which helps giving the best services available.