Composite design

FiReCo is the natural first choice for managing and running development project involving FRP composite structures. Our services covers all stages from ideas and concept development, to detailed and advanced structural analyses, and writing documentations intended for approval by class societies (e.g. DNV, Lloyds, and ABS) and public authorities (e.g. IMO, Kystverket, and Vegdirektoratet). These services, in close co-operation with designers/producers, make sure that the final product meet all the requirements of our customers.

All producers of composite structures should and must qualify their choices of materials (fibre and resin types) and production methods to assure that the minimum material parameters are achieved. We can manage and perform test programs and develop material parameters for calculations and numerical analysis.

FiReCo perform the necessary advanced design calculations for almost any type of structure to be built in FRP composite materials, e.g. ships, vessels, bridges, vehicles and many more. We are specialists in finite element (FE) analysis of large, load carrying fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structures, and can perform the following analyses:

  • Linear and non-linear static analysis
  • Vibration and Eigenvalue analysis
  • Linear and non-linear dynamic analysis
  • Blast and shock analysis
  • Structural fire protection philosophy