Fire Safety20190313124930

Fire Safety

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Fire safety is a very important topic when it comes to composite structures. Like most construction materials fire degrades the material properties an...
Material testing & characterization20190313124721

Material testing & characterization

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Testing and characterization of composite materials is a field of expertise which is absolutely necessary to be able to perform, understand, develop, ...
Renewable Energy (green energy)20190313124438

Renewable Energy (green energy)

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Renewable or green energy is defined as the energy obtained from natural resources renewing themselves in a human timescale. Generated electrical powe...
Research & Development20190313123537

Research & Development

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
FiReCo has a long and strong tradition of participating in national and international research projects. This is an efficient approach for staying ahe...
Infrastructure & civil engineering20190313122821

Infrastructure & civil engineering

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
The term infrastructure refers to structures, systems and facilities serving the economy in general. For FiReCo it has a more specific meaning: Develo...


firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Aquaculture is generally defined as the faming of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, plants, and algae at sea. For Norwegian applications it is mostly fish ...
Offshore Industry20190313121102

Offshore Industry

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
The offshore industry is mainly related to the petroleum industry and the production of oil and gas located offshore. The complexity where e.g. advanc...
Naval Ships20190313112719

Naval Ships

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Naval ships are defined as different types of military ships or boats used by national navies around the world. For FiReCo a close cooperation with th...
Marine Engineering20190313100909

Marine Engineering

firecoas13. March 20190 comments
Marine engineering is the technological field of expertise connected to engineering of boats, ships, oil installations and various types of vessels. F...