Aquaculture is generally defined as the faming of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, plants, and algae at sea. For Norwegian applications it is mostly fish and mollusks that are relevant nowadays. Norway is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of farmed fish and the industry is growing. But, problems related to discharges of huge amounts of fecal waste, nutrient enrichment of the surrounding waters, and escaped animals interfering with the local ecosystems call for development of closed systems at sea or on land.

FiReCo has together with the Preline Fishfarming System company, contributed in the vanguard for developing eco-friendly, sustainable and economical profitable aquaculture systems. FiReCo’s unique knowledge of composites and thermoplastic materials combined with the ability to analyze and design advanced structures at sea with complex loadings makes FiReCo a natural partner in the development of the production facilities of the future, also when it comes to the rapid growing aquaculture industry.


FiReCo wish to thank Preline for the kind permission to use their pictures