A reliable engineering partner for structural design of tailor made light weight structures, since 1991.

Today FiReCo is a leader in composite design, in many applications and business areas, both in Norway and abroad.

Our knowledge and experience of the complete chain of value, from statutory requirements, rules and regulations, design, static and dynamic structural analysis, and production technology, ensures reliable and cost efficient services to our customers.  FiReCo can assist you in all stages of a project, from feasibility studies, material evaluations, through design stages, construction phases, and final verification.

Another area of expertise is design and verification of naval platforms, not limited to composite structures. Shock, blast, fire, extreme environmental loading, seakeeping, requirement specifications, contract management, building site management, test programs.

FiReCo’s list of references, (with more than 500 successful projects) from a variety of market segments, proves our capacities.

Our expertise on fire safety identified a gap for composite structures .. this is why we formed our daughter company XFire in 1993.


XFire products are providing fire safety to your high speed craft vessel, combining very light weight fire protection with surfaces suitable for all days without fire.  Simple as that.

XFire is focusing on providing fire safety for composite vessels, i.e vessels made of fibre reinforced plastic.  All available systems are tested according to IMO regulations (FTP Code).  Most common products are also Wheelmarked (MED B & D certified)

XFire is an efficient and reliable development partner, helping customers to meet both technical and commercial goals. XFire’s products do not cover all aspects of passive fire protection.  However, as a fully owned subsidiary of FiReCo AS we have access to R&D capacities there, and together we can offer solutions for most applications.  Trough participation in large international R&D projects we have tested hundreds of potential solutions and materials, which provides an extensive knowledge base.

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